Labour members declaring Israel a racist endeavour ask NEC to abandon full IHRA

Labour members declaring Israel a racist endeavour ask NEC to abandon full IHRA

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Pete Gregson started this petition to Chair of the National Executive Committee of the Labour Party (Wendy Nichols) and

We Labour Party members declare Israel to be a racist endeavour. We are  not anti-Jewish. 

We challenge our National Executive Committee to expel us from the Party, if you believe that, according to the IHRA definition you adopted on the 4th Sept 2018, we are anti-Semitic. If you will not, we expect you to return Labour to its previous position, which allowed freedom of speech on Israel.*

We also call into question the adopted point 3) "Applying double standards to Israel by requiring of it a behaviour not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation". Israel cannot claim to be a democratic nation. Haaretz noted that the number of Arabs in Israel (including Gaza and the West Bank) will exceed that of Jews by 2020. If it were a true democracy, the country would shortly be ruled by Arabs, a prospect so terrifying to Jewish leaders that they can only maintain their control through denying the 4.4 million Arabs living in the occupied areas the right to vote in national elections.

We believe that of 550,000 members in 2018, the fact that only 45 alleged cases were active in the LBC leaked dossier shows there is no particular problem with anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. However, adopting the full IHRA is multiplying the number of these cases many times over. Please keep the Labour Party united and abandon the added Zionist examples that stifle me from expressing my view on the racist nature of Israel and the lack of democracy there. It would be best to return to the simple Oxford English dictionary definition of anti-Semitism as “hostility to or prejudice against Jews”.

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  1. *We are aware that Corbyn sought to add the rider to Labour's IHRA, which was rejected - "It should not be regarded as anti-Semitic to describe Israel, its policies or the circumstances around its foundation as racist because of their discriminatory impact, or to support another settlement of the Israel-Palestine conflict." We urge the party to adopt this rider in full, in order to keep us as members.
  2. Many people are being investigated and penalised through the IHRA definition as anti-Semites when they are not: see some of them in the IHRA Rogue's Gallery; to know why many legal experts and Jewish activists have condemned it, see here; even the principal author thinks it is being used to curb freedom of speech- not in the way it was attended to be used
  3. Those in the NEC who voted in favour need to think again; their vote has played into the hands of the Zionists. The IHRA was devised with Israeli support. This, from the “If Americans Knew” blog  International campaign is criminalizing criticism of Israel as ‘antisemitism’ explains how it was achieved. And read this: (BDS , Guardian 14th August 2018) ‘Perhaps Israel’s most powerful tool in the campaign against delegitimisation has been to accuse the country’s critics of antisemitism. Doing so required changing official definitions of the term. This effort began during the final years of the second intifada, in 2003 and 2004, as pre-BDS calls to boycott and divest from Israel were gaining steam. At that time, a group of institutes and experts, including Dina Porat – a Tel Aviv University scholar who had a been a member of the Israeli foreign ministry’s delegation to the 2001 UN world conference against racism in Durban, South Africa – proposed creating a new definition of antisemitism that would equate criticisms of Israel with hatred of Jews.’
  4. See article in American Jewish online Mondoweiss based on question posed to NEC candidates in favour of full IHRA  “If it’s passed and I said Israel is a racist state, would I get expelled?” and article on current fallout in UK Labour "Why let Netanyahu write the Labour rulebook?" Understand why Israel is a racist endeavour by reading, also in Mondoweiss, "Israel’s new Jewish Nation State law is a reaction to Palestinian demands for equality — Ben White"
  5. On the 5th Sept 2018, Labour MPs voted, with 205 in favour with no caveats and 8 against. One in favour said: “Every other institution in the UK from the police and schools to universities and courts use the IHRA definition. For the Labour Party not to, sets us apart from the entire country and the stories that have come out since, show that the leadership has some anti-Semitism on them. That’s not right for a party and persons that want to lead the country.” But just because the schools and Unis were browbeaten into it by May’s Government, it does not mean that Labour should be too. Also note that 80% of Conservative MPs are members of “Conservative Friends of Israel” so it’s no surprise the Government is on the side of Netanyahu on this. Israel is pulling every UK politicians’ strings, as Al Jazeera’s undercover investigation “The Lobby” shows. This film exposes how the Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) and Labour Friends of Israel (LFoI) were funded through the Israeli embassy to bring down Labour politicians critical of Israel. Whether you're in Labour or not, lodge a complaint about their activities by clicking here.
  6. Jewish Voice for Peace shows many Jewish organisations also decry the full IHRA. See Jewish Voice for Labour Submission to Labour Party Consultation on Definition of Antisemitism. Also Anti-Palestinian Racism is hatred towards or prejudice against Palestinians as Palestinians . 29 leading rabbis of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations recently issued a statement where they supported “respected” Corbyn and distanced themselves from “irresponsible claims in the media that the Jews of Britain are outraged towards him. Read it at  [as at 21/9/18, 5 more have signed, so it's now 34 rabbis].
  7. 24 Palestinian trade unions issued an open letter to Labour on 28th August 2018, just before the unions pushed for the full IHRA at Labour’s NEC meeting. Headed “Labour must reject biased IHRA definition that stifles advocacy for Palestinian rights” this appeal by Palestinian civil society to the British Labour Party and affiliated trade unions was ignored. You can read it at here. These trade unions correctly observe that the IHRA is a “politicised and fraudulent definition of antisemitism”.
  8. The instant Palestinians get support from someone who might gain power– out comes the anti-semitism charge Mondoweiss 5/9/18. 
  9. Labour was founded on social justice - and that's what this is about. The abominable treatment of Arabs by Israel, enshrined in law, is the biggest recruiting tool for Al Quaeda, ISIS and the rest. By refusing to allow us to speak the truth about Israel, the world is made a more dangerous place.
  10. There are 2.8 million Muslims in the UK. Most Muslims identify with the Palestinians. They see a Labour Party keen to appease Zionists, but deaf to Arab views. The Party ignores this demographic to its disadvantage. Muslims have little confidence that a Labour Government will be serious about addressing the biggest problem in the Middle East. The UK has 370,000 Jews...
  11. Please also sign petition "IHRA: WE THE MEMBERS MUST DECIDE NOT ISRAEL LOBBY"
  12. We have prepared a model defence if the NEC acts against us- read it here.
  13. If you are in a trade union that has adopted the IHRA (GMB, Unite, Unison, USDAW) please get your branch to adopt our model motion at - this can also be used with your  CLP if you replace the word "UNION" with your CLP.
  14. The names of those who sign this petition will not be lighly shared. At this point, all the NEC need to know is the number of members who are standing up to them and are prepared to face expulsion, if needs be. It is the scale of the revolt that matters here, not the identities of those up in arms. If push comes to shove and it looks like the NEC are genuinely considering abandoning the IHRA, and they can give the petitioner assurances there will be no leaks or victimisation, then the names of the signatories will be shared with the party’s executive director of legal affairs, Gordon Nardell QC. His reputation will be on the line if he fails to keep us people safe. And he will receive those names on the day the fate of the IHRA is to be discussed.
  15. To contribute to legal costs arising from disciplinaries for the petition, please go to . If you want to get in touch, please email the petitioner at  To see a list of youtube videos with the petitioner about the IHRA go to and if you want to find out more about our new organisation One Democratic Palestine - it's free to join- go to
2,759 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!