An immediate stop to the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya

An immediate stop to the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya

12 September 2017
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Aung San Suu Kyi (State Counsellor, Government of Myanmar)
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Why this petition matters

We are collecting signatories from Buddhists. Buddhist linked-communities or other concerned parties on behalf of the wide Buddhist community, the Maha Sangha.  Please support us, and we will send this to Myanmar!

Ryuun Joriki Baker, Osho  (Blue Mountain Zendo, USA)

Chris Starbuck (Dharmaholder, Zen Peacemaker Circles Europe)


Dear Aung San Suu Kyi

We, the Maha Sangha, speak as one, and write to you not only in your role as State Counsellor but, as a Nobel Peace recipient, and a recognised International Buddhist Leader.

We are deeply concerned by reports of civilians being severely affected by the conflict raging in Rahkine. This information is not only being reported by the United Nations but, also via independent media sources. We request that immediate steps are taken to relieve the suffering of all members of the civilian community. We further request that steps are taken towards some clear recognition of the membership of the Rohingya muslim community within the wider legal framework of Myanmar. From our collective experience of bearing witness to both the atrocities of past and present, the exclusion of minority populations from the collective identity, leads to immense suffering and prolonged conflict.

We humbly ask you to consider how your actions are affecting the world view of Buddhism. The world is fixed on Myanmar, what message will be sent? As an internationally recognised leader associated with Buddhism, your response to this situation has the potential either to show the peacemaking capacities of Buddhism, or to undermine the most fundamental tenants of Buddhism, and significantly darken the world view of Buddhism.

In closing, we the Maha Sangha, with one voice, urge you in good faith to act quickly, compassionately, and in a manner which brings about unity to the brothers and sisters of Myanmar.

The Maha Sangha

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This petition had 235 supporters

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