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PM Narendra Modi, Withdraw Privileges To India Haters/Pro-Pak Elements

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The Indian Army Chief called out those who were aiding terrorists by either helping them over-ground or by impeding counter insurgency operations as anti-nationals. He also added that those who waved ISIS or Pakistan flags are anti-nationals.

TIMES NOW has unearthed a hard fact. One that is shocking and compelling and one that has prompted us to petition the Honourable Prime Minister, calling his immediate attention. Those who get rewarded by Pakistan for anti-India activities, those who are corrupting minds of impressionable youth and pushing them to terrorism, those who are fuelling hatred and communalism are enjoying patronage from the state.

From escort cars to VVIP access to personalised security, we as tax payers are paying for them to hate India. They have bullet proof cover and more than Rs 100 cr is spent every year on their security. Why? Isn't this a travesty?

How is it that those who are called anti-nationals by the army chief are state protectees of the netas? How is it that those who are targeting our braves are being accorded privileges by the state? These doles should be immediately withdrawn.

Such traitors have no place on our soil and they certainly don't deserve our protection. Our soldiers and forces should be used to protect the schools and institutions they destroy rather than protect these hate-mongers.

TIMES NOW urges the Prime Minister and the Government of India to immediately withdraw these privileges and also ask those who have been openly endorsing and patronising such elements to account to the people of India.

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