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Bring Back Vortexx as 24-Hour Channel; Move Power Rangers toward it

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Saturday Morning Cartoons are coming to an end with a lot of network's Saturday Morning blocks being cancelled for things for adults. The 'Vortexx' block was created by the CW after a deal they made with Saban Brands, and the block aired from 2012-2014.

The block aired reruns of some of our favorite childhood shows including Justice League Unlimited, Spectacular Spider-Man, and even an installment of Saban's Power Rangers franchise, which currently airs on Nickelodeon. The block was discontinued in September of 2014 and replaced with Litton Entertainment's One Magnificent Morning block, which serves as a block for educational programming.

When news of Vortexx's discontinuation was spreading lots of fans called it the "End of Saturday Morning Cartoons". This term is used because a lot of cartoons of the modern day aren't really good, like Cartoon Network's 'Teen Titans Go!' which is the worst show on the air and that we will likely not get anything good from the old days for a long time.

However most of that is changing with the revival of beloved cancelled shows from our childhoods like Samurai Jack and Young Justice. While Samurai Jack will air on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block which airs every midnight, we still don't have a home for Young Justice. DC's Young Justice Animated Series aired 2010-2013 on Cartoon Network as part of their DC Nation block alongside Green Lantern TAS and Beware The Batman but were all cancelled in favor for 'TTG!'.

With all these other shows to likely step back into the spotlight we want a good home for them. Mostly because of Cartoon Network relaunching a lot of their properties into childish versions of themselves that dishonor the source material that they're based on. While we do understand that those shows are mostly for the younger generations it still kills a lot of old school fans.

But we don't just want those shows on Vortexx we also want the 'Power Rangers' franchise to return to the block as one of it's incarnations 'Power Rangers Lost Galaxy' aired on Vortexx before it was discontinued. We believe that the rest of the franchise (Mighty Morphin-Ninja Steel) deserves a better home, than it has right now. Currently the show runs on Nickelodeon but a lot of old school fans of the franchise were unhappy with some of the recent seasons that air on it. Here are some of the problems with Power Rangers on Nickelodeon...

  1. 20-episode policy: Result>many things underdeveloped, including characters and story.
  2. Too much "Super": second seasons of the more recent PR incarnations were created as a cheap way to wrap up everything from the first season of each. They were all given "Super" in each title (examples: SUPER Samurai, SUPER Megaforce, Dino SUPER Charge). We believe that it's getting annoying.
  3. Too many Sentai shows skipped: Each PR season is adapted from Toei Studios' Super Sentai franchise from Japan. With the amount of Sentais skipped we can't afford that either.
  4. Nickelodeon no longer allowing shows with dark themes: Nickelodeon no longer allows shows with dark themes thus the show was expressing more childish gags than it should. And yes the Sentai that these seasons are based off of also had similar themes but why not improve upon Japan's work?

If Power Rangers makes it to Vortexx then it will head back to the old days but still maintain the higher video quality of the recent seasons. In conclusion we believe that Vortexx should return as a 24-hour channel on it's own and then the legacy of Saturday Morning Cartoons will be restored please Time Warner and Saban don't let the fans down. #BringBackVortexx

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