Save Northumberland Mall (ON)

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WE the people of Northumberland County are petitioning Timbercreek Asset Management and Sandalwood Management Company to keep our Mall the way it is and not make it just another strip mall.  We petition them to bring back a food court in order to increase traffic in the mall and to consider concessions/incentives in order to draw new stores and brand name stores to take up residence in our Mall.  New signage would also attract more people.

The people of Cobourg and the surrounding area fought long and hard to get a Mall and it took 10 years to finally bring it fruition.  We had a vision of what our mall would be like and the previous owner ruined in by taking out our food court and jacking rents and destroying the atmosphere that was there. 

Many popular little stores closed, large stores move in and out like the Building has a revolving door.  New businesses shy away from moving here because they see the lack of traffic.  

Our community needs this mall but we need it to be properly set up and properly managed.  Bluenotes is leaving because of the poor attitudes of the Managers and the lack of traffic because of the poor management and organization of it.

Northumberland residents want a Mall they can be proud of.  Please listen to our requests, implement these request and give us something we can brag about!