Get the ECG feature of the Apple Watch 4 enabled worldwide

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Thanks to Apple’s innovation in health, Americans with undiagnosed heart conditions are now able to get an early warning that something may be wrong and they should talk to their doctor right from their wrist, from something they wear every day.  

According to this article, Health Canada has not received an application from Apple to enable that feature.  Apple has released no statement about the future of that feature in any country other than the USA.  Clearly this is something that we would all benefit from, it has already helped some Americans who didn’t realize they had a heart condition.  Why hold it back from the rest of the world? This isn’t a feature like their ‘News’ app that was released for Americans in 2016 and is still only available in the USA, Australia, and the UK.  There are plenty of other ways to read the news on your phone.  This is something that could save lives that might not be there by the time Apple finally enables it if they go at their own pace without prodding. 

This petition is to urge Apple to enable the feature worldwide, and give a timeline for countries that have some red tape before they can do that.