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Dear Apple - it's not OK to destroy my iTunes library

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I was excited at the prospect of Apple Music and all related services, so I signed up for a demo the day it was released.

I used the service happily for a few days, but then I noticed something strange. My music from my personal library had got jumbled. Certain songs had the wrong artwork, and others would play an entirely different song than what was listed. I didn't panic at this stage, but thought there must be a minor issue with metadata.

On closer examination however, I noticed that files in my iTunes music library had been deleted, renamed and utterly trashed. My favourite mixtape from 2008 (a six hour saga by DJ Borat from the Tempelier bar in Belgium) now linked to a random PDF on my computer. Even worse the MP3 file with this name had been overwritten with a random one minute song. Even worse this file is irreplaceable - it no longer exists anywhere on the internet after the Tempelier bar closed down years ago.

The extent of the damage is hard to ascertain, but over 1,000 songs have been affected in this way! Years spent curating and collecting music from CDs has been decimated, and I have since given away nearly all of this physical music to charity. There is no way to work out the extent of the damage, short of listening to every song to see if it survived.

Research on the internet showed I wasn't the only one with this problem.

Apple music is a nightmare and I'm done with it

WARNING: iCloud Music Library just destroyed my Mac's iTunes Library

The problem appears to be a conflict with previous Match subscription (which I cancelled) and the new iCloud Music Library. A fix was posted by Apple, but this only made matters worse for me. 

If your music library shows incorrect details with iTunes Match or Apple Music, and you previously cancelled an iTunes Match subscription

The bottom line is after using Apple products since 1994, and trusting Apple with my data, I have been horribly let down.

Apple, it is not OK in the slightest to replace my data with nothing but errors, mistakes and catastrophes.

You cannot do this to someone's data without anything approaching a fair warning, and as a service provider you cannot be so removed from your end user, that a complaint like this is most likely to be completely ignored. You cannot assume that I have a backup, as in this case Time Machine doesn't work with the NAS drive I use to store my library.

I am sure that I am not alone in feeling hugely aggrieved by this situation, and I want to know what you are going to do about it. This is your chance to actually demonstrate that you care for users who care as much about music as you do.

Please sign if you feel Apple should be accountable for this disaster.

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