Change Xcode's official name to "Xcode (not responding)"

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We the people feel that it's very confusing for Apple's software development suite to be called Xcode, when the program's default state in the dock is clearly Xcode (not responding)

Whether updating Cocoapods, booting up a simulator, or even just opening a new tab, Xcode is more than eager to activate its "not responding" feature, in which the window turns a helpful shade of white, the cursor becomes a beach ball, and user interaction is disabled until force quitting.

By changing the official name to Xcode (not responding), Apple can take a step forward toward accountability in software by having the program appear in the App Store as it usually appears on my desktop.

This change would be a huge time-saver for developers who waste valuable seconds scanning their dock or Activity Manager for Xcode, only to find Xcode (not responding) more often than not. I predict this extra time will be a boon to the global economy and ultimately make us friendlier towards one another.

Thank you for your consideration.

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