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Tillsonburg Public Library: Don't Censor Gay Art

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If you stop on by the Tillsonburg Public Library in Ontario to check out a book, you'll notice a bunch of sculptures in the foyer covered with cloths. No, the library isn't trying to keep these pieces from collecting dust. They're censoring the sculptures because they depict same-sex affection, and they don't want patrons to have to view artwork that features two men embracing.

How unfortunate, given that libraries are supposed to be bastions of free expression, where the word censorship rarely comes into play. And the artist behind these sculptures? He's chiding the library for censoring something as innocent as two men hugging.

"This censorship is deeply distressing because of the negative message it sends out to the homosexual community," said R. Bruce Flowers, the artist behind the sculptures who lives in London, Ontario. "With this kind of hostility in their own community, what chance do young people have of making their transition into a homosexual lifestyle valid?"

Send a message to the Tillsonburg Public Library that sculptures depicting same-sex affection aren't offensive, and shouldn't be covered over. The message censorship sends in this case is that LGBT affection is abnormal and inappropriate. And that's a damning sentiment to breed in a community.

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