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Change in Great Dane's breed standard

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The Great Danes breed standard is outdated and we are ready for change.  There are many misconceptions about colors. People think that recessive mean that they carry disease. It was an easy way to rule out diseases. However, we have genetic testing now. Yeah science! And the testing has yet to find that any color is associated with ANY genetic problems in Great Danes. Now, I know some of you are thinking what about white danes? White danes do not come from a color, they come from double merles, same goes for merlequins, double merles, and MANY 'lightly marked' harlequins. Which are regularly bred because all showing harlequins are also merles as harlequin only MODIFIES the merle PATTERN. Again, not a color. Which breeding a harlequin to harlequin is considered an acceptable pairing, which leads to 25 percent of the litter being double merles! Many of these pups are born deaf, blind and tend to have all sorts of other health problems. If we are working to better our breed, why are we excluding colors that could diversity our gene pools and can bring many more healthy lines but we allow harlequin to harlequin breedings that DESTROY OUR BREED. Who is with me for allowing colors in all variations? I'm ready for a change!

Proposed color changes: Adding chocolates,  dilute chocolate aka lavender, lilac, Isabella as they are naturally occurring in Great Danes. All of these colors as well as blues allowed to be shown in all pattern variations including harlequin, brindle,  and fawn. 


Proposed pattern change: addition of tan point in all variations. BANNING double merles from being shown.  Lightly marked harlequins must furnish proof that they are not double merles. Breeding in any way that leads to dms should be actively discouraged. 


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