No Transports on the Expressway in it's Current Form

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We the concerned citizens of Thunder Bay who have signed this petition below feel that the decision to move trucks from Dawson Road to the Thunder Bay Expressway then the Harbour Expressway, and finally through Kakabeka Falls, as the Expressway sits now with no caution lights, no medians/dividers/barriers and the speed limit at 90 km/h is a recipe for further deaths on this highway. Please prior to making a rash change, let us all work together to enhance the safety of the highway for all.

This Expressway as it sits is unsafe but adding 400-500+ transports per day will only increase these issues. The current route leaves transports in the city the least amount of time at the lowest speeds thus making it safer. As well, the speed limit on Hwy 102 is lower than that of the Thunder Bay Expressway also helping make it less dangerous.

We have all been affected by the loss of a friend or family member on this stretch of road most recently with the untimely death of 19 year old Dallas Bailey on October 17, 2018 while on his way to work at Bombardier. We don’t need anybody else feeling or understanding the pain of losing and living the loss of a loved one. Please DO NOT HAVE TRANSPORTS ON THE EXPRESSWAY IN IT'S CURRENT FORM