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Throw Yolanda's murderer out of the Spanish state security forces


On the night of February 1, 1980 Yolanda González Martín, a young student and worker of 19 years, a member of the Socialist Party of Workers and the Student Coordinator of Madrid, was kidnapped. Her kidnappers, who were linked to the fascist organization Fuerza Nueva, and who had been spying on Yolanda in previous weeks, tortured and murdered her, leaving her body in a ditch.

One of the perpetrators of the crime was Emilio Hellin Moro, who was convicted of the murder. Moro Hellin escaped from prison twice, once while on remand and again when granted a week's leave during his sentence. The second time he fled to Paraguay, where he collaborated with the military dictatorship of Alfredo Stroessner until his arrest by Interpol. Among others implicated in, and convicted of, Yolanda's murder, were active members or members on leave of state security bodies and forces.

On February 24, 2013, through an article published in the newspaper El Pais ("The hidden life of Yolanda's murderer"), it was learned that Emilio (currently Luis Enrique) Hellin Moro, has been working for several years "for state security bodies and forces in judicial cases and trains its agents in forensic techniques of espionage and information tracking. "

Everyone has the right to social integration after serving a sentence, but the government should not assign such particularly sensitive roles to those with a history of criminal behavior associated with the role. There is therefore a serious responsibility on the part of those directly or politically responsible for the contracts that Emilio / Luis Enrique Hellin Moro has been working on for years, and which have caused serious pain and distress to Yolanda's family, friends and comrades.

Therefore, the family of Yolanda and her friends and comrades ask you to support the following letter to the Ministry of the Interior, and also by extension the Ministry of Defence, with the understanding that what it expresses does not limit actions that take place by other routes or the formulation of additional questions that need to be asked.


This initiative is not just to do with the past, but on the contrary, affects the present and the future, the kind of society we want to live in and that we want to create.

Family, friends and comrades of Yolanda González Martín


Recently we have found out, thanks to an investigation by a journalist, that Emilio Hellín Moro, now known as “Luis Enrique”, has been working for some years “for state security bodies and forces in judicial cases and trains its agents in forensic techniques of espionage and information tracking”.

As you and your predecessors should know, Hellín Moro was convicted of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Yolanda González Martín in February 1980, a young student and worker who had reached her 19th birthday a few days before her death.

You should also know that among the others implicated in, and convicted of, this cruel murder, were active members or members on leave of state security bodes and forces, and reasons for believing wider connections were expressed.

As a result of this, we ask of you, and by extension of the Ministry of the Defence:

That you immediately put an end to all collaboration of the aforementioned Hellín Moro with your ministries and with state security bodies and forces.

That information is made public about the conditions in which this collaboration has taken place, and in particular, that it is determined when exactly this started and who was responsible for vetting the successive contracts that have taken place. We also ask for an investigation into whether there exists, or have existed, similar cases to this in previous years.

At the same time, we request a clear identification of the political responsibility for what happened. This can’t be passed off as an administrative error; it is incumbent upon the chain of command of the security bodies and forces and the corresponding ministries, in this and previous orders.

This must give rise to the corresponding sackings and resignations, as well as recognition of those who are responsible even if they no longer perform relevant functions in public bodies.

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