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Thrifty Produce: Please Stop Selling Rabbit Meat in Your Stores

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Thrifty Produce: 

My family has been shopping at your stores for many years, almost daily.  The purpose of most of these shopping trips has been to buy leafy greens for our rescue rabbits.  Scotch is an eight-year-old Cinnamon Dwarf breed.  He's very shy but also has a spunky personality.  He loves treats and comes when I call his name.  Skye is a five-year-old rex mix and she runs the house.  This bossy girl is quite the diva bunny but she also loves to cuddle and will lick your face for hours if you let her.  Kermit is a three-year-old Polish American rabbit.  This boy absolutely loves to cuddle.  He will sleep in your arms all night.  This trait is truly amazing as his life before living with us was very sad. 

Now that you've gotten to know my bunnies, let me tell you how I have gotten to know yours.  When I was out shopping at the Dollar General by your Melbourne store, one of your employees mocked my bunny advocacy magnets on my car and told me that you sell dead rabbits.  I went in to investigate and there they were, piled on top of each other in your freezer section.  My husband and I were disgusted.  

Rabbits are the third most popular pet in the US, UK, and Canada.  They know their names, how to use a litter box, and the word "no".  But most importantly, they understand love and grief, comfort and pain, companionship and loss.  Sadly, the rabbits that are dead in your freezer case have never had the opportunity to know love, comfort, or companionship.  That is a travesty. 

Myself and the undersigned pledge to boycott your store until you stop selling rabbit meat.  Keep in mind, the manager of your Lake Washington store told me that you hardly even sell these dead rabbits; but you do sell leafy greens almost daily to people like me.  Please make the compassionate choice and take these precious souls off of your shelves. 

Thank you,  

Alycia Corpiel, President & Founder, Space Coast Animal Rights


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