a deceased fathers last wish

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On the 14th of June this year 2017 was the saddest day for me and my two sisters. As our beloved father aged 56 died of a double heart attack. This devistating news knocked us of our feet and we were left without a father. Jessica my youngest sister lived with our dad from the aged of 14 but left the property when she was 24 to live with her boyfriend and start her own family however things took a bad turn in her relationship as he was abusive both verbally and physically this resulted in my sister going back to my fathers in February 2017 aged 26 where she has stayed since and looked after and supported our father who was very ill and severely depressed and became dependant on alcohol due to the pressures of being unemployed. My youngest sister has a two year old daughter and is training to be a nurse. The reason we are calling out for help and asking you the nation to sign our petition is for my youngest sister to keep our fathers home because when we took our fathers death certificate to the housing we were told that my youngest sister was not allowed to reside at our fathers home as she has not been in it for the last 12 months and cannot prove the last 4 months although she is on the paper work from when she was 14.  So why make her homeless with her two year old daughter when she could stay at hour fathers home, a home that she stayed in from When she was a teenager and a place where she has always felt safe and secure, a home where there was Italian music always in the background, friends always welcome, Italian food cooked by our father that even the community would speak of because of the aroma of his cooking was so beautiful. My youngest sister would want to continue the fond memories for herself and her daughter. 

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