Ditch Plastic from your Easter Eggs!

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As most of us know, single-use plastic and unnecessary packaging is a massive issue globally. With Easter on the horizon, we see thousands of different Easter Eggs in every supermarket.

I love Easter Eggs. But they are full of unnecessary packaging. Much of this packaging is still only one-use and is filling up UK landfills when not recycled correctly.

A whopping 80 millions Easter eggs are sold in the UK each year, surely there should be a more beneficial way of packaging them?  I’m calling on Thornton’s to take the lead and cut down.

Last year a survey revealed that Thornton’s was the worst offender when it came to easter egg packaging amongst the best selling brands. (1)

Given that Thornton’s is a brand that markets itself as Britain’s luxury chocolatiers, they can do better. There is nothing luxury about plastic waste filling our landfills.

If we think about what we are actually getting when we buy an Easter Egg, it is mainly packaging. All we really want is that sweet sweet chocolate egg and the little treat that comes too! The plastic and the branded box is unnecessary. Could Easter eggs just be sold as they are wrapped in foil?

Please sign this petition to ask Thornton's to start to cut out all unnecessary plastic and cardboard packaging from their Easter Eggs. Let’s crack this together!

(1) The Guardian