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Stop animal testing at the Nathan Kline Laboratories

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As the residents of Orangeburg, N.Y. are waking up to start their day, most are unaware that there are animals (primates and many others) suffering behind locked laboratory doors who are starting their days filled with overwhelming pain and fear inflicted in the name of science at the Nathan Kline Laboratories for Psychiatric Research on Old Orangeburg Rd, in Orangeburg, N.Y. With no voice and no ability to resist, we must speak for them. Even though this lab has willing human patients paid to participate in research, scientists continue to perform painful heartbreaking tests and surgeries on these monkeys and other animals, and then discard them like garbage when they serve their purpose. Many labs have accepted the statistics proving that animal testing is unnecessary, inaccurate  and cruel, making use of the more accurate and kinder methods of research available in this day and age. Please encourage the NKI to do the same. This is even more vital now that the reports that used to be available to the public regarding cruelty and abuse of animals in labs, puppy mills, etc , have been blocked recently on the USDA website. It has been said that a society is judged by the way it treats its animals. Please let us show our children that we are a society that will not tolerate abuse and cruelty toward animals, and rather kindness and love that these innocent beings deserve, especially when there is no excuse with all of the alternatives available to reach the same goal. The administration and scientists at the Nathan Kline Institute can opt to choose these alternatives. 

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