Revoke "Visions"' License Now!

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Visions Nightclub, 3554 E. Washington Ave. is a blight on the neighborhood and the City. It is a hub of illegal behavior including shootings, thefts, drug-selling, and prostitution.

The Alcohol License Review Committee has the authority to revoke the liquor license for this establishment. Madison ordinances (Chap. 38.10) allow citizens to petition the Committee to revoke a liquor license.

The undersigned finds that:

1. Visions has violated any provision of this chapter.

2. Visions keeps or maintains a disorderly or riotous, indecent or improper house.

12. The licensed premises has been operated in such a manner that it constitutes a public or private nuisance or that conduct on the licensed premises, including but not limited to raucous noise, has had a substantial adverse effect upon the health and safety of the immediate neighborhood.        

    Specifically, in 2017, Visions has had 53 police calls. This included seven disturbances, five thefts, and two weapons offenses. As of Dec. 9th, there were 54 police calls including four auto thefts, three weapons offenses, four other thefts, and numerous assaults. Most recently on Dec. 9, four people were shot, one person stabbed and another person was arrested for selling heroin.
    Visions' liquor license should be revoked by Madison.

   We hope to present this petition to the Alcohol License Review Commission on Jan. 17th at 5:30 PM at the City-County Building.

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