THIS PETITION IS NOW CLOSED Stop the Cuts! Don't Demolish Local Services!

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Through recent procurement processes led by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets and NHS Tower Hamlets CCG, Compass Wellbeing CIC, a local social enterprise in Tower Hamlets faces closure.

Compass Wellbeing has run Psychology & Counselling services in the borough for over 30 years and more recently has managed School Nursing and Family Nurse Partnership services. As an organisation for local people, led by local people and employing local people, we have made significant contributions to improving people’s health and mental health tackling the inequalities people face on a daily basis. This is now at risk of being lost as a result of market place procurement processes, driven by the need to cut spending when MORE investment is desperately needed, and at the cost of the current quality of our services.

In the last 5 years Compass Wellbeing has achieved the following:

  • The Care Quality Commission reported the ‘outstanding practice’ of our school nurses in the way they ‘identify and manage service users’ mental health’ as well as the passion our nurses felt for the community (CQC, 2018)
  • Recognition as one of the best performing Psychology & Counselling Services in London with our model being used as an example of best practice by the Centre for Mental Health
  • Provided help for 30% more patients with mental health issues and improved outcomes by 36% (NHS Digital and local CCG reporting)
  • Provided earlier and quicker support for children and young people with additional health needs including 83% more healthcare plans

We are concerned about a procurement framework which favours traditional models of healthcare rather than track records of innovation and delivery.

We are genuinely concerned that these processes have failed to consult the local community, failed to consult key service partners and failed to listen to the people that have used our services.

They have failed to consult those that matter.

The proposed changes will result in drastic and detrimental changes to Psychology & Counselling and School Nursing services that have been recognised as outstanding. This includes:

  • Loss of school nurses in Tower Hamlets when there is an acute national shortage
  • Loss of an understanding of health and wellbeing issues that affect local people
  • Loss of linkages with schools and GPs; increasing pressure on services including Primary Care, Safeguarding and Education
  • Loss of skills, competencies and clinical expertise 
  • Increase in people experiencing more complex mental health issues as they will not get the help they need earlier on

The impact is already being felt. The delivery of high quality care is being affected by these decisions and waiting lists are getting longer.

We ask the authorities to STOP, THINK and RECONSIDER the consequences of these decisions. We ask that they SUPPORT the innovative, committed services run by Compass Wellbeing; delivering the best outcomes and improving the health of our local community. We ask the authorities to talk to GPs. Talk to Schools. Talk to Services. Talk to local people.

ENGAGE the people that matter.

It is wrong to waste public money dismantling services that are well respected and considered to deliver outstanding practice. It is wrong to ignore experienced clinicians who have worked in Tower Hamlets for many years. It is wrong to not listen to the people who use our services.

Stop the Cuts! Don't Demolish Local Services! #SaveCompassWellbeing

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