Stop the inhumane treatment of Animals in the Media

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This is a Call to Action. 

There are have be countless lives lost, abused, and neglected for our entertainment. Animal abuse in film production has been prevalent since the beginning of televised entertainment. After the 1939 Jesse James film, which involved a horse jumping off of a cliff, the American Humane Association began to get involved in film production. The American Humane Association is best known for the “No animals were harmed in the making of this film” disclaimer. Their objective: to oversee all films, television and commercials with animals, provide trainers and to insure the safety of all involved. Through research we have discovered that some films (who've received the certification) haven’t had AHA representatives, though it is one of their conditions in order for the film to get the disclaimer. We found the full PDF of the American Humane Association's 2015 Revised Guidelines for Animals in film production. We have also discovered that the AHA has violated their very own guidelines on several different occasions. The violation of their guidelines is a complete disregard for animals' safety in the media.  No more animals need to starve. No more animals need to be trained. No more animals need to be killed. No more animals neglected for our entertainment. Together we can put an end animal use in the media. We are asking others to join with us in holding the American Humane Association responsible for revising their guidelines and following through with the regulations they set.