Theresa May: The UK needs answers! #TalkToUsTheresa

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In the last 2 weeks, 2 Cabinet ministers have resigned: the Foreign Secretary and the Brexit Minister - the only other time this happened was in 1982 when two ministers quit after the Falklands invasion. That makes eight ministers who have left their cabinet positions since the last election. This is not a strong and stable Government.

Whilst all these politicians are squabbling over Brexit, fighting amongst themselves, and the media creates a circus of them, none of us real people have any idea what is going on or feel like we have a say.

As a young person trying to navigate post-Brexit Britain - I am concerned about my future and that of my generation. I help run the youth-engagement charity My Life My Say - I do not believe that the government is listening to young people, and I am not convinced yet that they can deliver the best Brexit possible for the youth.

Brexit happened two years ago and we still know nothing. The whole country is anxious because we don’t know what our futures are going to look like. We need to be heard and we deserve answers. This is our Brexit too.

Through My Life My Say's recent ListenUp! campaign, 35 parliamentarians have pledged to talk to 20 of their young constituents about Brexit.

None of the signatories however, are Mrs. May.

During the General Election Theresa May refused to take part in the televised debates. So we have never had the chance to hear directly from our own Prime Minister and for her to hear directly from us. That is not good enough. How can our leader know how to represent us if she refuses to speak with us?

That’s why, we’re calling on Theresa May to agree to a Question Time style Q&A with the general public.

By negotiating  Brexit, the Government is deciding on our futures. But right now this is happening behind closed doors.

Please sign this petition to call on the Theresa May to hear our voices and give us answers by holding a people’s question time on Brexit. If enough of us speak out, I believe we can get her to talk back!

#TalkToUsTheresa #ListenUp