Stop RANDOM garden fireworks

Stop RANDOM garden fireworks

16 June 2016
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Why this petition matters


The government  believes that most people use fireworks at appropriate times.. (if it were only true), but they won't tell us when that is.... if they did we would be able to prepare our vulnerable relatives and pets.

UNEXPECTED FIREWORKS cause DISTRESS AND ANXIETY for many people and pet owners.  

Many people are also affected negatively as they see the distress caused to their pets. This is such a huge issue for pet owners and affects not just the health of their pets but their own health too



SO.. what are we asking for?  We want  back garden/domestic fireworks to be restricted to the week around 5th November, New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year. It is a tradition in the UK that we have fireworks on the 5th but even according to the government we have a "creeping firework season".

This petition is from the Firework ABatement campaign, (FAB) we are petitioning Theresa May and asking that she amend Firework regulations 2004, (especially read the first paragraph)  to include restrictions on the use back garden fireworks to set dates around traditional celebration times of Guy Fawkes, New Years Eve, Diwali, and Chinese New Year.

Firework ABatement campaign  achieved a debate in the Houses of Parliament on 6th June 2016. The debate focused around the random use of fireworks and their effects on animals. The petition also centred on animals because when it was started all of our 'friends' and groups on facebook were animal related. We very soon found out that many people are also affected by unexpected and random fireworks. Hence this new 'people focused ' petition. You can read the transcript of the debate, links below. 

People who may be affected by random fireworks are those who may have some form of PTSD which includes.... our ex services, emergency services, people in domestic violence situations, people who have been raped.   Others who may be affected, are people with hearing issues, autism, mental health issues, learning disabilities, dementia and a whole host of other medical conditions. 

The government reply at the end of the recent debate, took NO account of the amount of people who are affected by random and unexpected loud bangs, usually in the evenings and in the dark. We are asking anyone who feels that firework use has got out of hand to please sign this petition which we will send to the PM.

Most replies from MPs  side step the issues and are generally just a regurgitated version of what Jo Johnson (Minister) himself regurgitated at the debate. This doesn't mean we should just give up and go away. IF you feel strongly about this or are just fed up with constant fireworks, please join our facebook group  or 'like' our facebook page and show us and the government, there are thousands of people out there who feel as we do. 

Questions we have - so far unanswered by any MP.

1. The government believes that most people use fireworks at appropriate times ............

a) When do they consider is an appropriate time and          

b)  What evidence do they have to prove their belief?. ......................  FAB has police data evidence to the contrary.

2. The government say it is a balance between those that like fireworks and those that don't.... They  believe we are a minority .....

a) How have they come to that calculation?  And how is 365 days a year a balance?

b) Have they asked the question "Do we want restrictions?" ............or have they again gone on 'their belief' with NO evidence?

3. How many people have to be suffering before we become more important (comparably) than back garden fireworks out of season? Do you have a figure in mind? 

How you can help the campaign

1. SIGN and share this petition.

2. JOIN the group on facebook  FAB campaign  or 'like' the FAB page checkout the photos. Add your friends (with their permission). The bigger the numbers the more attention we can get. 

3. LOOK at the website... warning graphic video of damage done by random fireworks.. All these cases can be verified. Our report is on there too if you would like to read it. Have a look at some of the statements at the back, Some will make you cry! ................. You can download it and send to your MP. 

4. WRITE to your MP. It is their job to represent is their job to answer your is their job to consider the laws of the land.   The Firework Act 2003 states :
"This is an enabling Act – conferring power on the Secretary of State in England and Wales and the Scottish Ministers in Scotland, to make provision for the control of fireworks and explosives by regulation in order to secure that there is either no risk, or a minimal risk compatible with use, that fireworks will cause death, injury or distress to persons or animals, or damage to property."    

5. READ the Regulation of fireworks briefing paper written in 2015 so you are aware of the law as it stands.

Stick with us please, and support this campaign by doing whatever you can. We never thought in a million years we would get a debate, that only took 8 months ... so who knows what we changes we can achieve IF we do this together.  

NB please note these important points

We are not talking about restricting sales at all.                                      

We are not talking about anti-social use
We are not talking about displays
We are not talking about celebration venues
We are not talking about misuse of any description

We are ONLY asking that back garden domestic fireworks are kept for around traditional dates. 5th November, New Years Eve, Diwali and Chinese New Year.


LINKS .... Petition ...... Website ...... Full Report ......... Exec Summary ...... Hansard- The debate text ...... Parliament TV debate Email your MP ...Firework Regulations 2004 FAB fireworks page ...FAB Firework campaign group

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This petition had 18,851 supporters

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