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In 2013, Beverley Vaanda Kandjiii (HO Ref K1684634) and her son arrived in the UK from Namibia and claimed asylum on the same day, as entering the country. Beverley and her son fled Namibia due to the verbal and physical abuse they suffer due to her sexuality. Beverley had previously experienced forced marriage and had to live in secrecy, later being abused by her community with no protection from the Namibian state.

Beverley  and her teen son were assaulted early in the morning of 21st of March, in their flat in Bridgeton, Glasgow by H.O./Police Officers and violently taken to Glasgow Airport. After her son refused to board the plane, they were taken to the Home Office in 200 Brand Street in Glasgow.

Members of the community and her partner, Liv, organised a peaceful protest outside to stop them from being removed. We were told directly by Beverley that she didn't want to go in the ambulance that was called due to her injuries caused by the H.O./Police Officers during the dawn raid earlier at her flat, but then the phone was taken from her by H.O. Officers as it wasn't "helpful'.

After more than 10 hrs, the police broke with immeasurable violence the protest. Beverley and her son were moved to Cedars Detention Centre in England. Their forced removal is imminent on a commercial flight this THURSDAY 24TH MARCH from London Heathrow to Namibia, via Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

We're all concerned for their wellbeing and safety if they're removed to Namibia, and want them to remain with us in Glasgow, as she is a valuable member of the LGBT Unity group and our community in Glasgow.

We want them to be released immediately from Cedars and to be returned to their home in Glasgow where they belong.

Beverley is an active pillar of our community volunteering with various organisations and groups including the Alternatives to Violence Project Scotland, LGBT Unity and The Equality Network. She has been instrumental in promoting understanding of the experiences of African lesbians and supporting organisations to provide more inclusive support. The level of support our petition has received demonstrates how integrated she is in Scottish life and how much we value her. As Beverley has been very actively and publicly involved in LGBT equality and human rights in the UK we are seriously concerned that she will not be able to "remain discreet" about her sexual orientation in Namibia. There is just too much information available about her work on the internet for her and her son to be safe from further violence and corrective rape.

Beverley and her son contribute much to Scottish society and their detention is causing significant concern and anxiety in LGBT communities in Scotland.  

Beverley and her son have done nothing but contribute positively to the Glasgow community, make friends and build deep roots here. Their home is here, their friends are here and their life is here!

Please support and take action for Beverley!

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