Green Gas or Fracking – Let the People choose


Green Gas or Fracking – Let the People choose

Dear Prime Minister,

Where Britain gets its gas from in the near future, as the North Sea runs out, is an important question.  

The previous government believed fracking was the answer.

And despite the considerable environmental risks, the fact that it will exacerbate Climate Change and it being the most unpopular form of energy ever - it is being forced through over the heads of local people, and the nation as a whole.  

But fracking hasn’t actually started yet, it’s not too late to stop, and think again.

We have a new option for making the gas we need, right here in Britain. Using something as simple, abundant and benign as the grass that grows under our feet. 

Grass fed Green Gas Mills will cut carbon emissions, give us energy independence, support farming and food production and create wildlife habitats on an unprecedented scale. 

Britain has enough suitable land to provide enough gas for all of our homes - and from a resource that simply won’t run out.

There is a new alternative, that has just emerged - and in the light of this, we are calling on the government to hold an independent review to look into the question - of where Britain gets its gas from.

We have a choice now, between fracking or simply growing grass.

Britain needs an independent review to be sure we’re making the right choice.

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  • Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Leader of the Conservative Party
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