We call on Theresa May to resign as Prime Minister

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Theresa May is surely duty-bound to resign with immediate effect. She has totally betrayed 17.4 million voters, who voted in an allegedly democratic referendum to “Leave the European Union”.

The Prime Minister, a ‘Remainer’, has at no time throughout the so-called negotiations acknowledged the will of the people, instead making us all subservient to the EU and its demands.

She has cunningly agreed to all the EU’s demands, whilst deceiving the electorate.

She does not represent the UK, the fifth largest economy in the world, but continues to make a mockery of our position.

The recent Chequers agreement is puerile, allowing all EU rules to remain in place as a ‘Common Rule Book’.

Her ‘Customs Deal’, or shall we say her EU deal, would see UK trade limited to EU rules.

The White Paper plans are as bad if not worse than actually remaining in the EU.

The UK will still have to obey EU laws and European Court of Justice rulings, which will remove any hope of trading freely with the rest of the world.

This is a Brexit in name only, yet still carries the burden of outlandish financial contributions and removes our voting and veto rights.

On behalf of the majority who want to “Leave the European Union” and regain our true Independence, we call upon the Prime Minister to resign with immediate effect.