UK must meet tree planting targets

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CO2 emmissions are rising at alarming and unprecendented rates, causing toxic pollution, rising sea levels and increasingly extreme weather events.

Ecosystems are being devastated across the world, and many are at risk of being lost forever. Humanity has already wiped out 60% of animal populations since 1970. We must take immediate action to protect against further devastation.

New forests would lock up carbon and assist in the recovery of climate change damage. Just 13 per cent of the UK's land is covered with trees, one of the lowest levels in Europe. Government advisors on climate change have pledged 11 million trees should be planted by 2020.

To date governement tree planting plans have not been funded and targets have been massively missed. England currently plants so few trees that the entire years planting in 2016 could have been done by three people.

Confidential documents obtained by the Observer show the government has spent only a fraction of a £100m fund allocated in 2015 to support clean air projects. Our planet is worth the investment, our children deserve to inherit a stable earth.

Sign this petition if you want MP's to prioritise protecting our country from catastrophic consequences of increasing CO2 emissions.

Specifically, governments should be held accountable for meeting tree planting targets. Councils should earmark areas for diverse species of trees that will be protected and encouraged to thrive. Tree planting events should be organised and promoted across the country. Landowners who wish to plant a forest must currently negotiate a "complex and bureaucratic" system in order to obtain a Government grant, this must be simplified.

I urge every signatory to pledge to plant one tree.