Theresa May should take part in a televised General Election debate

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Following her 18 April decision to call a snap General Election - to take place on 8 June - Theresa May's team announced that she would not be taking part in any televised debate between the leaders of the country's various party leaders.

In its post 2016 EU Referendum report, the Electoral Reform Society noted that "many [members of the public]...felt the campaign failed to provide the public with the best possible debate". We believe debates between party leaders increase the information available to voters, enabling them to cast their votes in an informed way.

Theresa May is requesting that the British people give her a mandate to carry out a 'Hard Brexit' and to continue her Government's current programme. Strong democracies are underpinned by voters being able to exercise their right to vote in full possession of the facts. They cannot do that if the Prime Minister is not willing to debate big political issues with other party leaders for the benefit of the public.

Theresa May recently noted that "by nurturing the responsibilities of citizenship that we can build...[a]...shared society". We agree; and exercising our democratic rights are an important part of full citizenship. That's why we call on Prime Minister May to practice what she preaches, by agreeing to participate in a live, televised debate ahead of the 2017 General Election.

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