The RCVS is not independent and has a conflict of interest when it comes to complaints

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We want the RCVS to be stripped of the power of overlooking their vets, they are not independent and have a conflict of interest when it comes to complaints.

I have recently found that the RCVS just overlook evidence that is in your favour and supports their vets no matter what.

I have a vet that altered a letter no once but twice but they are flippant about it

our independent evidence wasn’t even considered because she destroys the narrative and doesn’t go with what the main vet write in his write-up

my wife asked in a meeting why she wasn’t told about the differential diagnosis and the tumour, this backed up by our witness and also a different vet in the room. 

The main didnt write that she even asked and so I guess that it never happened 

A scan was done on Toby on the day of his euthanasia but we found that they didn’t even put that into the records