Student paramedic’s to be paid apprenticeship wage during placement shifts

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Student paramedics are under immense pressure to provide quality care and clinical qualified paramedic skills, under supervision of a paramedic, whilst on placement shifts. Some students travel upwards of 100 miles a day to reach placement to complete 750+ hours per university year (usually over 50 hours per week) whilst simontaniously write essays, maintain grades within university and be mindful of burnout and vulnerability to PTSD. Many students find it difficult to work part time during university and find themselves lost within loop holes of student finance and underfunded with living costs and maintenance. It is well known that many do not enter the medical profession for the money but to help others, but we also do not enter the profession for the debt. The qualified paramedic wage is over the cut off to repay student loans (£25,000 per year) meaning that people are required to pay back loans immediately once employed. We as a community are requesting government to pass legistlation for students to be paid an apprenticeship wage during placement shifts to help cover the cost of fuel for travelling to and from placement, among other living costs- this will equate to roughly £25 per 12 hour shift. NHS staff are notoriously under pressure, so help us to help the public and sign this pettition. Many thanks from the paramedic and student paramedic community.