Stop hate crime against tdyn dog rescue

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I have supporting this dog rescue tdyn for several months now they are both self employed and start this rescue for abused and neglected animals all the two people of this animal rescue has had is abuse and threats by individuals that claim they know it all all of the animals in this rescue do not stay in kennels but have a family life in a home environment with the two people that rescued them all animals in there care did not have this type of love or care before hand now women have a witch hunt against these two people putting them in the newspaper not that long ago classing them as con people when they are not but nice people trying to help animals but these women who are doing the witch hint are trying to wreck the rescue so the animals lose this safe environment and end up in kennels and killing stations I have set this petition up to help this rescue keep there rescue and show support that people out there do care about there rescue as this is now causing distress to them both as well as his supporters who are getting harassed by this people against the rescue