Stop Fox hunting, and Hunting in general!

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As we know, hunting has been round for centuries, they all claim it as some sort of sport but we know it’s not all fun and games as an animal gets killed at the end of it. About 85-90% of the public would truly disagree to keep going forward with letting these horrid people kill our foxes and many other animals in the wild because it’s truly disgusting how they kill them. I mean Fox Hunting is a big one and is truly vile, any type of hunting is vile but for one small animal to be chased around by 12+ dogs until it’s worn out so they can do nothing but tear it apart alive. It makes me so upset and angry that nobody is stepping up and forward about this!. These men on their horses claim that it’s some sort of trail and claim that it was all an accident, but we know that’s all a load o, they are clearly trying to kill these animals, for what’s sake?. It’s not fun and games it’s animal abuse and it could possibly make our foxes extinct, they kill them cus of chickens getting killed, I mean cmon, if you don’t want a starving fox to kill your chickens then keep them safe you know?.These men are ex top police officers so obviously nobody would do anything about it, but we can make a change to this whole thing and stop it now. It needs to be stopped before it’s too late. It’s not a game anymore, it’s unfair to nature, if we were starving and hungry we would go and kill an animal and that’s exactly what the foxes do, they kill chickens so they don’t die of starvation. If people do try and stop it, there are videos of the men on the horses getting off and whipping people. I’ve seen fox hunting videos myself and they are truly disturbing. It needs to be stopped now before it’s too late.

Thank you for reading, Let’s try and end all this hunting!

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