Stop Dog Cruelty!!!!!

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 The infamous Yulin dog meat festivaltakes place around the summer solstice, but the practice of eating dog meat continues year round in China. Last week, online tabloid newspapers widely shared a video of a greyhound-type dog being forced into a large barrel of boiling water. This type of brutal footage may increase click-rates for the websites in question, but at the cost of psychologically traumatising those who view the videos. It's enough to know that such appalling cruelty happens without seeing the images and hearing the sounds.
Sadly, the cruelty is an inherent part of the dog meat trade: there's a traditional belief that the meat tastes better if the animal suffers as it dies, with adrenaline coursing through the body.If you want to take effective action to change how animals are treated in China, the best way is to support those who have already been pressing for change for the past twenty years or more. There are sixteen separate organisations working as an alliance: send your support to whichever group most closely meets your own aims. Please send an email to the RSPCA, an email for a life!!!!! This is not only for China, Dog cruelty is all over the UK and The USA and no one is doing anything about it!