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Stop children under 18 being charged adult fares on public transport

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My son is currently 14 and was lucky enough in 2016 to be awarded a full scholarship into a London Theatre School. As a single parent on a low income this was an amazing opportunity for my son as there was no way I could afford to send him to a fee paying school without this financial assistance. We live very close to a train station and his school is walking distance from Paddington therefore, the train is the best mode of transport for him to get to school. At the moment he subject to child train fares (which are still very expensive but after a lot of belt tightening just about manageable) however, when he turns 16 in March 2019 he will be expected to pay the adult fare which more than doubles the cost, making it completely impossible for me to afford.

I really don't understand why they are classed as adults at 16 on public transport, yet in the eyes of the law a child doesn't become and adult until the age of 18. They are unable to vote or buy alcohol and if they committed a crime they would be tried as a child.

With the change in law stating that children have to stay in some form of education until 18 I firmly believe that if they are using public transport to get to school/college then they should only be charged a child's price to do so. They are not yet in full time employment therefore not earning a full time salary yet are expected (or their parents are) to find the extra funds to enable them to finish their education.

From doing my own research I have found that this is a massive issue for not just myself but also a large number of families who are already struggling. This needs to be addressed as soon as possible and a fairer more affordable solution needs to be put in place for 16-18 year olds using public transport for educational purposes.

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