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Standardised Allergy/Dietary Chart in all UK Restaurants

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After visiting Prague early this year I came across their standardised allergy/dietary restriction chart which has been in place since January 2015. I thought I would have trouble with the language barrier but I have never felt so safe eating out. The number format made it so easy to see what I could eat. After recently having another near fatal, scary visit to A&E after restaurant staffs unawareness of the severity of Anaphylaxis. I feel this is desperately needed in the UK

My Story

We was eating out as a family when my throat started to close up, face started to swell and skin became itching. Within minutes I was short of breathe. Paramedics arrive and I was cannulated at the restaurant table after self injecting myself with adrenaline. I had three shots of adrenaline in the restaurant and was blue lighted to resuscitation where I was given magnesium, 3 more adrenaline shots and nebulisers to stabilise me. I have suffered with anaphylaxis since birth and it hasn’t got any easier over the years. 

1. Cereals

2. Crustaceans 

3. Eggs

4. Fish

5. Peanuts

6. Soybeans

7. Milk

8. Nuts

9. Celery

10. Mustard

11. Sesame seeds

12. Sulfur Dioxide

13. Lupin

14. Shellfish 


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