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Scrap HS2 and subsidise Freddos so they are 10p each

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The planned HS2 project is set to cost a whopping £56 billion - a monumental waste of money when you consider that there are far more important priorities in Britain where this money could be spent.

I have started this petition because I feel that the government should use this money to subsidies Freddos so that they return to the 10p price point that got so many people interested in them in the first place.

At 10p each, Freddos would be accessible to everyone in Britain across all socio-economic groups, and it may astonish you to know that at their current cost of 30p each the government could subsidise an impressive 280 BILLION FREDDOS.

By setting up a programme to release 10,000,000,000 per year into British retailers, this amount of money would provide around 25 years of subsidised Freddo access once you take admin costs into account.

Admin costs would include the mandatory checks at checkouts to ensure that the purchaser is a British citizen - non-UK nationals would be required to pay the additional 20p.

In the event that Freddo prices increase beyond the 30p mark, I propose that the difference is recouped directly from Cadbury's by imposing a mandatory levy on ticket prices to Cadbury World.

Reasons why Freddos are BETTER FOR BRITAIN than HS2:

  • I would rather have a small chocolate frog made from Dairy Milk than visit Birmingham.
  • The true cost of HS2 will probably skyrocket when contractors find the wrong type of dandelions growing in a neighbouring thicket.
  • The first point again, but with 'Leeds.'

As a lifelong fan of Freddos, I am also running a fundraising campaign to stockpile enough of them until retirement because the price will go up after Brexit. Please check it out.

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