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Remove Men's Rights Activist Philip Davies MP from Women and Equalities Committee.

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Philip Davies MP has been elected unopposed to The Women And Equalities Committee. Philip Davies MP recently attended a conference where he called feminists "Zealots". 

At that same conference a complainant of sexual violence, with protected anonymity, was named and shamed. 

He has already called for the word "Women" to be removed from the title. He has called the committee itself "one of the most depressing things to happen” to parliament.

Philip Davies has already been celebrated by Mike Buchanan of J4MB - a men's rights activist party - and it was at their conference that he appeared and said that women benefitted from an “equality but only when it suits agenda”.

Philip Davies has never accounted for his appearance at the ICMI16 conference organised by J4MB. This is an organisation that hosts the following awards on their website...

“lying feminist of the month”

“toxic feminist of the month”

“whiny feminist of the month”

Typical articles featuring on the website include "13 reasons women lie about being raped". These are the males whom Philip Davies MP sees as allies and role models.

How can we possibly expect him to speak up for women and equality when he clearly believes in nothing of the sort?

If he is not removed as a matter of urgency then women should collectively denounce the legitimacy of the Committee or any motions they propose or pass. This is clearly undermining the very nature and intentions of the Committee and the reasons for which it exists. 

Philip Davies MP has stood for election to this committee as a concrete gesture of his determination to undermine and disrupt any advances that women try to make towards equality and it is a grave moment for our political elite if they acknowledge and legitimate his election. 

For him to remain in this position after those comments and those allegiances is a deep insult to women everywhere and anyone who cares for women and their rights. 

Philip has also suggested that disabled people could work for less pay. He has also suggested that legalising gay marriage discriminates against straight people. 

Put your house in order Westminster. This man is not a court jester he is a danger and we consider him one.  



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