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Reduction in Single Use Plastics in Retail

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It is time to take action in respect of single-use plastics.  If, like me, you have seen the catastrophic effects of plastics being released into the environment, I am enraged that whilst consumers can make their own individual efforts to turn the tide, businesses are failing in their duty to protect our planet. The time has come for  courageous, bold, and forward-thinking action by our government. We can no longer sit twiddling our thumbs whilst we continue to destroy our planet. Our only home. Government action is now critical. And we need it now.

If you visit any supermarket to do your weekly shop, take a second to view the amount of plastic used in the packaging of groceries: plastic trays, plastic bottles, plastic bags; virtually everything. And then think about the high street coffee and fast food chains: Starbucks giving out single use plastic cutlery, McDonalds, and virtually every restaurant and bar handing out plastic straws. All of this amounts to millions upon millions of tonnes of plastic being thrown away each year.  And the majority of this still goes to landfill.

This God-awful material, literally, takes hundreds upon hundreds of years to biodegrade. As it does, it causes the deaths of untold amounts of wildlife. It's in our rivers and our oceans and, slowly, it's working its way into the food chain.

I propose that HM Government should consider a plastic levy to be imposed on manufacturers and retailers to force them to change their ways: a 'Plastic Tax'. Pressure should be applied to force these companies to change, and funding should be allocated to those who seek to find an alternative, sustainable, and non-damaging alternative to this awful material

I've had enough. Have you? Our convenience and company profit margins are excuses no longer. It's time to get really angry about this

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