Protection for Pigeons During Railway Repair Work on Bridges

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We have discovered that Network Rail use subcontractors to carry out certain repair work to their net/mesh bird deterrents under their bridges, who openly admit they cull birds when “clearing” the area before work commences. This is illegal and barbaric when there are people available who are willing to help rescue any injured, sick or young birds from the bridge before they start their repairs.

We want the government to help protect these wild creatures, pigeons etc, and educate companies so that pigeons are not considered vermin or flying rats. They may be considered pests on occasions but they’re not vermin.

We want companies like Network Rail to contact local rescuers each time they encounter nesting birds or trapped birds on their property ie bridges. It doesn’t cost a single penny but prevents any unnecessary suffering for our wild birds.

Culling is barbaric and totally unnecessary and is not the answer. Please stop these companies employing lethal methods of removal.

Thank you.