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Prevent culling of badgers in Northern Ireland. Support vaccination, not eradication

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The Department for Agriculture, Environment and Rural affairs have opened a public consultation on a bovine TB strategy in Northern Ireland which has proposed culling of badgers in Northern Ireland.  Since culling of badgers began in England four years ago, around 40,000 badgers have lost their lives cruelly, the majority of which were healthy badgers.  This is senseless and a waste of tax payers money, considering that there is no conclusive evidence to say that killing of badgers works in preventing the spread of bovine TB and in fact it can often spreads the problem to neighbouring farms.  Other more appropriate methods exist including the use of vaccination. 

The badger is a protected species in Northern Ireland and it is appalling to think that killing should be proposed in the absence of scientific evidence.  With Brexit approaching, it is important that we protect our wildlife for future generations and with the recent ludicrous suggestion that animals can't feel pain, it is more important than ever that we stand up for animals. It is not ok to just eradicate species one by one because it suits us. 

 Farming is of huge importance in Northern Ireland and a solution to the bovine TB problem needs to be found, but culling of badgers is not the answer.  It is vital that we acknowledge the importance of the environment and wildlife to our existence and stand up for what is right. Please sign the petition to support Northern Ireland's wildlife and prevent this needless cull.  The consultation closes on 1st February 2018.

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