More Support For Under 18's With Mental Health Issues.

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My 10-year-old brother has been a witness to physical and emotional abuse since he was a child. His dad was very violent and controlling towards both me and my mother. Me and my mother were lucky to get the support we needed, however, my brother Elliott wasn't. Over the last 4 years, we have witnessed a change in his behavior. He doesn't eat all the foods he used to enjoy, he comes home from school stressed, stroppy and emotional, he gets worked up easily. He comes in and goes straight up to bed, but he doesn't sleep until 11pm most nights. He doesn't enjoy all the things he used too. He lashes out at me and my mother, and he is becoming quite violent towards my youngest brother. Me and my mother spoke to his school on serval occasions and expressed our concerns and we just got pushed away. Elliott even asked the school himself and he got told that there was no budget to help him, he is also now being picked on by his so-called friends. We took him to his GP and he got referred to a counseling service on the NHS. We waited a few weeks before hearing anything back and when we did, we got told that he would be put on the waiting list. It has now been a year and we still have heard nothing. He is getting worse and he is now self-harming and saying that he wants to commit suicide. He is nearly 11 and so he will be going up to secondary school soon and he needs help now before it is too late...


Please stand with me and let us make the waiting list for mental health services shorter. Because over one in ten people with mental health problems have to wait over a year before receiving treatment and over half have to wait longer than three months. This is absolutely disgusting in that time a child could have taken their own life. Please help us and so many other people under 18 get the treatment they need and fast because time is running out.