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More funding for our emergency 999 call service.

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Last night I was awoken by a suspected burglary at 3.30am, I tried to call 101, but was on hold for 6 mins. So worriedly I called 999 and after 5 mins on hold with no answer, I decided to go and investigate myself.

Today I spoke with my twelve year old daughter over breakfast, who was then concerned that if anything happened to herself, her Mum, her Sister or Nan and they were in danger, then there was no one to call, or the person answering the call might answer too late to stop something bad happening.

So I then made a complaint to the police who were very apologetic, but informed me that due to funding cut's, they haven't got the money to pay enough people to answer all the phone calls in a timely manner.

So what if something happened late at night to your Nan, your Mum, your Daughter, your Sister, then wouldn't you want someone to answer the phone quickly, so that something unthinkable doesn't happen while there on hold waiting to ask for help.

Now our Prime Minister is driven around safely in a £100.000 Jag and if something happened to her, then I'm quite sure there would be a very large amount of police to help her instantaneously. Yet the rest of us continue to live in a more dangerous society and can't even rely on help at the end of a phone line.

Now it's not our police force's fault, it's the Government's, who certainly don't have to worry about walking down the road late at night, maybe just coming home from a late night work shift, like any normal person would have to do.

So our already over-worked, over-stretched, under-funded police force have already had 600,000,00 cut from there budget's and there about to have another 400,000,000 cut. Personally I think this is unacceptable and hopefully if we all take just a minute out of our busy lives to make a stand and sign this petition, then together we can maybe make a difference.

So please let's get this to 100.000 signatures and hopefully our PM can release more funding to our over-worked, over-stretched, beloved Police force.

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