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Minimum wage To Rise up to £12 per hour by 2022 For the UK

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As  Wages like the minimum and national  wage  at the moment £7.20p per hour and the minimum  wage is £7.50p per hour. /  Family our struggling  with Bill rising and taxation rising and House Price rising ,which lead to family struggling financially,  to feed there Children . Their is a need of the National  and Minimum wage To rise to £12 by 2020, this will help people not just family, people who our under the age of 19  and people over the age of 21.  Because People in the UK their state pension  that they get will be at age of 68 . So if the State pension rise in the England,Scotland,North Ireland,Wales so should the wages which we work  on a Hour rate in the week should go up .A Average for 1 Person according to National is £42 per Person to feed a week . A Average for 1 Person to feed in a 3 weeks is £126 per person to feed in 3 weeks . For 1 Person to be feed on Average a year is £2,184 a year .

A Average Family of 4  to feed a week is £168 per week .

A Average Family of 4 to feed for 3 weeks is £504 Per week 

A Average Family of 4 to feed for a year is £8,734 a year 

A Average Gas bill in the UK is £752 a year 

A Average Electricity bill in the UK is £592 a year

So How can people afford on the minimum wage  in Society today to feed themselves and Pay house bills And other taxation bills? 


what Society Minimum wage is at the moment 

  • For people over the age   of 25 is £7.50p   on a 12 Hours rate pay that a total of  is £90 .
  • For people under the ago of 19 is £4.05p a Hour rate 6 hours of work £24.30p in a individual Day .
  • For apprenticeship  The hour rate is £3.50p  a hour rate at 7 hours of a individual day is £ 24.50p in a day .
  • Average Person on Minimum wage aged of 25 and over is in a week ?  On a 12 hour rate pay is £630 But when you pay taxation and bills  your left with  with £200 in your pocket a week .
  • Your income a year is £4,680  for people over the ago of 25.


for people the under age of 19 working rate of 6 hours in a 3 weeks is £72.9 per 3 weeks .

In a year the income of someone under the age of 19 a year is £1263.60 p a Year .

With a Average House Price in the UK a year at £207,308 on Average depending what location in the UK.

this leads to more 19 Years old staying in there family home until there 30 because of the minimum  wage is so low and the Housing prices our so high depending on location you move in the UK lead to more people staying with their parents until there 30 years old of age .

The national minimum wage lead to people becoming homeless due to the wages been low and taxation been high in the UK . 


So What this Petition want to change in Society ?

We want to Change this the UK people !!!!!!!

So That House Prices can go down to £200,000 depending on locations .

The change on national wage if your over 25 to £12 hour rate so for 12 hours is £144 a day and that the income a year would be £7,488 a year .

To Change the National  wage for people under 19 years of age on a hour rate  to be £6 on a Hour rate that is better for the Young on a 6 Hour rate a day £36 a Day and the income for people a year under the age of 19 would be £1,872 a year .

And for people who our on apprenticeship  should work on a hour rate of £5 a hour  that will make a day of  a 7 hourly rate pay in a week £245 a week but in a day they would make £35 a day and there year income would be £1,820 a year .


And To reduce Bills by 10% and to reduce taxation for low income family in the UK by 17% In the UK .

and To reduce the Price of Average  gas bill  to £700 a year . And to reduce the price of electricity bill to £500 a year in a Average Household in the UK .

To reduce the cost of food and living standards  in the UK for everyone by 10%.


This will help everyone and we believe All people of the UK can make a change to House prices ,Taxation,Bill and Wages  in the UK by supporting this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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