Make harming /killing cats and dogs illegal

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I believe people who harm or kill cats and dogs are just as cruel as the ones that harm or kill people, cats and dogs have the same feelings as us they can feel pain except they can't ask for help when they're suffering or beg a person to stop hurting them. One example of this animal brutality is a cat killer that in the past year has stolen 100 family's cat and killed them by cutting off their head, paws and tails this killer is also said to be targeting foxes and owls. In some cases the killer would leave the body parts of the cat on the owners doorstep, in just one street 6 cats were posiened and taken and had to suffer the same fate. A cats brain is 90% the same as a humans both dogs and cats understand some human communication and they experience the same emotions we do they feel happiness, excitement, playfulness, anger, worry and depression. So we should treat them with more respect and better care, because they do not deserve pain they need us to speak for them.