Make defying the will of the people expressed in a referendum treason

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In 2016, Britain held a referendum. Since then, the establishment, the media, politicians and civil servants have been doing their level best to subvert the will of the people and to sell the country into vassalage to a foreign power. The law should clearly say that this is treason.

I am asking the Parliament to make a law which will make denying, defying, obstructing, subverting or sabotaging the will of the people expressed in a referendum treason.


I submitted a slight variant of the above petition to the Parliament's Petitions site on 4 March 2019, but they rejected it as "defamatory" on 18 March 2019. I resubmitted it on 18 March 2019 with minor redrafting, but they rejected it on 26 March 2019 on the grounds that it was "offensive, nonsense, a joke, or an advert."

I then had no choice but to publish my petition somewhere else. Does my petition sounds "offensive", "defamatory" or like "nonsense" or "a joke" to you? It will be much harder for my petition to get traction now, as it's been published on a third party web site. So I really need your help: please sign it, but also please share it with your friends and contacts and on social media, if you can.

Will you please help me let the Parliament know that democracy is neither offensive, nor nonsense, nor a joke?

Thank you for your support.