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Lift Gary Yourofsky's ban from entering the UK!

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I am petitioning to lift the ban on Gary Yourofsky, a well known animal activist and lecturer from entering the UK.
The only 'crimes' which prevent him from entering the UK are acts of animal liberation. An example of this is when he liberated 1,542 mink from a fur farm where their fate was to be murdered and made into a form of unnecessary clothing. For that he was branded an 'international terrorist' which could not be more of an inaccurate representation of his conduct, character and message.

The ban was also unjustified as Gary had not committed any crimes or even set foot on UK soil before he recieved a letter in 2004-2005 stating he was forbidden to enter our borders.

Gary has dedicated many years of his life travelling across America and Israel delivering peaceful, effective and life changing speeches to hundreds of thousands of people, promoting equality for all living beings, which have been viewed by millions of people and have been translated into multiple languages.

There are thousands of people in the UK who support, admire and have been inspired by Gary and would love nothing more than to meet him in person and show him the positive impact his work has made on their lives.
If you are familiar with his work, particularly in more recent years, and understand his message it is evident that he would not arrive here with any intent to cause any form of harm or damage to the UK in any way. His work is about promoting love, peace and compassion.

On 30th March 2017 Gary announced via Facebook that he will be retiring from his activism but still encourages everybody to still remain active. Therefore he would simply be coming to enjoy the country and meet the future generation who will carry on his legacy.

Here I have left a link to one of Gary's most famous speeches titled 'The best speech you will ever hear', and it really is.

We, the citizens of the United Kingdom ask you to please reverse this unnecessary ban on one of the most influential people of our time. 

Thank you.

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