Killer drivers should have stiffer sentences

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Killer drivers should have stiffer sentences

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The Express & Star is urging the Government to introduce tougher sentences for killer drivers.

This petition calls on MPs to put proposed legislation including
punishments of up to a life sentence on the statute.


Today, two callous drivers who left their victims for dead have been handed paltry sentences of less than eight years in prison.

Banned driver Craig Edwards, who killed 74-year-old grandfather John Hickinbottom, was locked up for just seven years.

And speeding motorist Kade Scrivens, who was driving on the wrong side of the road, was given seven and a half years for hitting cyclist Nicholas Harrison.

Rebecca McManus

Rebecca was just 21 when she was killed by speeding driver Sukvinder Mannan.

Mannan had been racing at 101mph when he ploughed into Miss McManus as she made her way to a hen night.

Rebecca's father says longer sentences will ensure people take notice and a stronger message is sent out to other potential dangerous drivers.

He says while those convicted serve half their sentences in prison, the families of their victims are left traumatised and must live without their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

Life sentences

The Ministry of Justice is proposing for the maximum sentence for causing death by dangerous driving to go up from 14 years’ prison to life.

But the plan has yet to go before Parliament.

We urge MPs to propose and pass the necessary legislation as soon as possible.

Sign now and call for justice.

Thank you.

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This petition had 3,705 supporters

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