Keeping families together when rehoming

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The Issue- On June 23, 2017 A resident who was forcibly evacuated from a Camden tower block following concerns about fire safety has complained she can not be rehomed due to her pet.
The 72-year-old has said that no suitable house has been found for her because she has a dog.

Familes should be kept together, pets are as much of a member of the family as a child. Sitting back and saying there is nothing they can do is not acceptable. For anyone  pets are a life line, animals help keep them from feeling lonely, helps with depression and aids in a healthy lifestyle. Having a pet is a huge responsibility and these owners only want to do the right thing and care for their pet the best they can. Pets are part of the family and pets should not be broken away from the families. 

What want to achieve- We are asking that legislation is passed that stipulates landlords public or private when rehoming must find a suitable place for families with pets regardless. Landlords should not be allowed to refuse or decline people a house, hotel or emrgency accommodation for those who have a pet. 

Please sign our petition to force councils, landlords and others who are rehoming those affected by disaster, or great personal tragedy to rehome the full family which including the family pet(s).