If the UK Government is going to blame Russia: Blame Russia PROPERLY! Comply with OPCW

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Dear Prime Minister 

We have noticed a lot of alarming noise in recent days regarding who was to blame for the "Nerve Agent" incident in Salisbury on and ongoing from 04/03/18.

We also notice you preparing to blame Russia as responsible for this incident: with some alarm:

Because for some reason you are ignoring our International obligations and not dealing with this matter through the channels established, by treaty, for just this end.

We request: and require: you to commit the British Government to following the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons procedures, OPCW


And to work alongside the nation of Russia to follow that procedure, and thereby properly establish, in the eyes of the world: and the country: that blame has been correctly proportioned: before ANY measures against Russia are enacted.

We implore you: take a breath: do not become this generations Tony Blair: prove the allegation is valid and the whole country will unite behind you in whatever measures need to be taken.