Grant Northern Ireland 'Honorary EU Association' to remain part of the EU, the UK and the British/Irish Council.

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The aim of this 'People's Petition of Concern' is to grant Northern Ireland Honorary EU Associate Membership as a 'European Place of Global Peacebuilding' to protect the peace process and promote peacebuilding worldwide. 

We call on decision makers in the UK, Ireland and the EU to recognise, respect and reflect the will of the people of Northern Ireland to stay in the EU, the UK and the British/Irish Council. 

Our reasons for calling for this are as follows: 

  • We want our rights as European citizens to be respected
  • We want EU support for peace, prosperity and progress continued
  • We want the Irish border to stay open
  • We want Northern Irish people to be free to live, work, study and travel throughout the EU.
  • We want reciprocal rights for EU citizens in Northern Ireland.
  • We want respect for the spirit as well as the letter of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement
  • We want a Northern Ireland Assembly and Executive to speak on our behalf
  • We want the will of the people of Northern Ireland to remain in the EU as part of the UK and the British/Irish Council recognised.   
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