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End dogs on death row, stop pts and killing dogs by breed stereotyping them

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We the people want to end the killing of dogs wether its for breed or because its left in a home too long or whatever the reasons are unless it is absolutely nessassary. For far too long now dogs are losing their lifes for no faults of their own or because of the stupidity of their owners. As a nation of dog lovers this is not what we want anymore. We dont put people to sleep we help them to change we dont put the homeless to sleep we help them to find homes. This needs to be the same for dogs as they are family pets and we the public demand this killing or dogs to end asap. I also see breed sterotyping and this needs to stop a dog of any breed is still a dog that can be loyal and loving in the right home. We ask you to make changes in the laws to allow dogs the right to live unless its absolutely impossible. Give dogs rights to live. Act now and support this decision. Even bring in a the dog license to make sure dogs are with good homes. A dog should never be put to sleep unless there is no other option and all avenues have been looked into. Save the dogs give them  rights to live. Say they may bite because of breed is absolutely disgusting thats like saying a child may become a criminal or a adult may commit murder. Its wrong and needs to stop. Ban killing dogs altogether unless absolutely needed and there is no other choice.

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