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Eliminate plastic pollution going into the ocean destroying the eco system and awua life.

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Currently leaders of nations all over the planet are spending billlions or pounds trying to stop plastic pollution of the ocean,lakes, rivers and streams. It destroys and kills exotic marine/aquatic life. Without cleaning the ocean the problem will never go away unless we come up with a solution. I understand that the government(s) around the world will never cease to pursue their quest for oil and plastic. However ,if we were to change the material of throw away  packaging to a biodegradable material such as hemp then it wouldn’t matter if it went into our oceans as hemp is actually part of the eco system it also helps feed the marine/aquatic life. If we could keep the use of plastic to industrial purposes only and introduce biodegradable products for packaging, we would notice a dramatic difference in terms of plastic pollution of our oceans. Hemp is reproductive it won’t harm any part of the Earth it’s also more resourceful than oil plastics adn can be produced at tremendous speed.Together as national and world leaders we could completely stop plastic polution save billions of pounds and actually do something beneficial to the aquatic eco system. Hemp can also be used in just as many ways as plastic. Here are some examples of what hemp can be used for. 

Rope, paper , cardboard, packing containers, clothing, body work of motor vehicles, human and animal feed,bedding,ship rigs, baby oil. 

The possibilities are endless and saving our oceans is probably second best. 

Pleae take your time to read sign and share with as many people as you can as fast as you can. I can guarantee that anybody who reads this would like to contribute a signal signature to possibly creating a cleaner Earth.


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